Sunlight Directâ„¢ manufactures patented Solar Illumination Systems suitable for lighting, horticulture, bioreactor and research applications. The Sunlight Direct system incorporates reliable, repeatable dual-axis tracking technology that can position the solar collector within 0.1 degree for maximum collection efficiency. Fiber optic technology provides continuous spectrum balanced sunlight to the interior of your building, growing area or photobioreactor.

Our optical system filters out damaging ultraviolet (UV) light as well as the infrared (IR) portion of the spectrum to reduce unnecessary heat transfer and reduce interior air conditioning costs in warmer climates. The result is daylight balanced (5500K) continuous spectrum (380-700nm) light equally suitable for human habitation or photosynthesis.

The Sunlight Direct Solar Illumination System is comprised of modular components that can be scaled for your particular requirements. Contact us at +1 760 839 9009 or e-mail us for more information.